If you’re planning to apply for a treaty investor visa or E-2 visa, the interview process can be daunting. But don’t worry! With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to ace that E2 visa interview in no time.

In this article, we share six essential tips that will help ensure success during your E2 visa interview. So let’s get started – it’s time to get prepared and show the interviewer just how qualified and capable you are!

1. Be prepared

As a visa applicant make sure you come prepared and have all the required supporting documents ready.

Bring the following documents

  • application confirmation sheet

  • a copy of the fee payment receipt

  • a printed interview appointment confirmation page

  • copies of current and expired passports 

  • evidence of any previously issued US visas 

  • evidence of your immigration status for the country in which you reside: (you must be a national of a treaty country)

  • two recent 5 x 5cm color photographs-

  • a hard copy of your full application and documentation. 

Also, it is important to understand what an E-2 visa classification entails in order for you to confidently answer any questions that arise during the interview related to these requirements.

  • The nature of the business

  • How much money has been invested

  • What funds were used to make that investment

  • The certainty of your investment in a US business that is currently operating.

  • To what degree you will be engaged in operating this business

  • The duties of your new role in this company will include

  • The experience does one have in managing a business of this type

  • Your capability of driving and directing the US business

  • Your existing financial and domestic status in the nation you call home

  • Current job title and salary in the country where you reside

  • Other financial resources, such as pensions and savings accounts, in addition to any other sources of income (bring a copy of bank statements during the interview)

  • Other endeavors you are currently dedicated to

  • Financial and personnel projections have been predicted for the American business

2. Dress professionally

It’s always best to dress neatly, presentably, and formally for any interview.

Dressing professionally for an E-2 visa interview is essential.

It shows that you...

  • take the process seriously

  • and are willing to put in extra effort to make a good impression.

  • It also demonstrates that you understand the gravity of the situation,

  • respect your interviewer,

  • and are prepared to conduct yourself professionally throughout the process.

A professional dress for e2 visa interviews is important, find the tips below to have an idea of what to wear.

Tips for your E-2 visa interview attire

  • Choose classic colors such as black, navy blue, and gray.

  • Avoid overly bright colors or flashy prints.

  • Wear a tailored collared shirt and dress pants or a skirt.

  • Choose a high-quality fabric for the best impression.

  • For shoes, opt for leather loafers or oxfords in basic colors like black or brown.

  • If you choose to wear a tie, select one in a subdued color or pattern.

  • Women should go for a classic dress or skirt suit. Avoid skirts that are too short and necklines that are too low-cut.

  • Consider adding a light touch of accessories such as an elegant scarf or tasteful jewelry. Stand out for the right reasons!

In addition to your outfit, personal hygiene, and grooming should also be taken into consideration. Make sure to shower and clean up before the e2 visa interview. Be sure to brush your teeth and use a breath freshener to ensure that you have fresh breath. Wear deodorant or antiperspirant to reduce any risk of body odor. Lastly, groom your hair and nails as this will also make a good impression.

Remember that E-2 visa interviews are more than just about the clothes you wear. Be sure to be confident and courteous during the entire process.

3. Be polite and friendly

To ensure you can attend your visa interview in a timely fashion, arrive at the consulate or embassy roughly 15 minutes prior to when it’s scheduled. Once there, an individual may inquire about why you are seeking the interview along with its exact time.

After verification, you will be directed to the appointment spot. Remember that security protocols should always be followed, and upon arrival at your interview room – depending on where it is located – you may need to check in with someone. During this process, remain courteous while answering all questions accurately!

The manner in which you behave during your E-2 visa interview will be highly regarded. Remember to always greet your interviewer warmly, keep eye contact throughout the conversation, and smile when replying to questions. Politeness is key for a successful outcome!

4. Research what to expect

To improve your chances of success during the E-2 visa interview, it’s essential to conduct extensive research prior to the process. Allocating time for understanding what can be expected from this experience will not only give you confidence and allow for more comprehensive preparation but also make sure that each response is concise and pertinent.

The Consular Officer assigned to your case will likely review the DS-160 application you submitted. Additionally, you’ll need to provide electronic fingerprints on a pad during this process – it’s quick and easy!

Once the immigration officer takes your fingerprints, you’ll be subjected to rigorous questioning regarding all matters of your business. You should plan ahead and formulate a series of organized responses with pertinent detail for any queries that come up.

Other topics related to e2 visa interview may include:

  • What is the purpose of your e2 visa?

  • How do you intend to fund the investment?

  • What is the potential market for your product or service in the US?

  • What experience do you have in business management?

  • Are there any objections that have been predicted for the American business?

Along with these inquiries, it is essential to be set up to answer queries related to your background and present circumstances. When responding to E2 visa interview questions, always remain honest and give precise details.

5. Listen and be confident

To ensure you can provide the most accurate information, pay special attention to any questions posed by the Consular Officer about your application and personal life. The answers you give may ultimately influence their decision regarding your visa or entry into a new country, so it is important that they are as exact and thorough as possible.


  • Familiarize yourself with the questions

  • and have a few crisp summaries ready to articulate your investment plans, objectives, and other critical information concisely.

By doing so, you can confidently provide clear answers that are direct and on-point.

To appear credible and assert your authority in the situation, it is essential to be confident. You must demonstrate that you as the principal investor believe firmly in your venture. Approaching the interviewing officer as if they were a prospective investor in your business who needs convincing of its merits.

If you exude faith and trustworthiness regarding your venture, then their acceptance of whatever answers you provide will come much more easily than if not.

6. Seek legal counsel

If you are feeling anxious or unsure of the E2 visa process, it is always best to seek professional advice. Consulting a legal expert can provide you with the insight and knowledge needed to succeed in the e2 visa interview.

Experienced immigration attorneys will be able to advise you on potential pitfalls of the process. They can also help you prepare for any questions that may be asked during the interview so that your chances of success are maximized.

Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer – having someone who is knowledgeable about this nonimmigrant visa alongside you can help put your mind at ease. And make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Final Takeaways

The E2 Visa interview is a critical moment in the overall application process. It’s essential to be prepared and confident, as your answers during this stage will determine the result of your e2 visa request. Don’t take it lightly; instead, approach it with great consideration and care!

By researching E-2 visas thoroughly and working with a legal counsel if needed, you will increase your chances of success significantly.

Furthermore, a substantial amount of capital and well-thought-out business plan will be beneficial in demonstrating that your e2 visa is an attractive option for the U.S. and as a result, increase your chances of having your e2 visa application approved.

Good luck! We are confident that you have what it takes to make your e2 visa interview successful.

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